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March 30, 2023

Most Frequently Asked Questions about QUBIC Smart Booths (Answered!)

So you've stumbled upon QUBIC Smart Booths while doing your research on modular office booths - we bet there's more that you'd like to know about the product while you consider if it's the right one for you. 

We'll give you a better glimpse of what the QUBIC product and service is like through this list of our commonly asked questions. 


1. Why is the product called QUBIC Smart Booths? 

A QUBIC Smart Booth is more than just an office booth.  

QUBIC's core 'smart' features are the access control, accompanying web app to access the booth and admin portal. These features allow you to automate the management of your booths and guarantee their security 24/7. That's why they're perfect for creating your own coworking or workspace-on-demand concept.

You can set availability schedules and pricing through the admin portal. Guests can then use the web app to book an available slot for the booth. Each booking comes with a unique QR code that allows entry to the booth upon scanning on the access control panel, ensuring fair usage.

You can also view usage analytics to inform your real estate decisions.

What's better is, we're always building on our software and integrations, so expect the platform to be smarter in the long run!

2. What if I want to purchase booths first? Can I add the 'smart features' later?

Unfortunately, as the access control which connects to our software comes installed with the booths when a smart booth is ordered, we are not able to change regular booths that have already been installed to a smart booth at the moment.

3. Which booth size is right for me? 

The Solo model fits a single person and is great for impromptu phone calls.
The Duo model can fit 1 to 2 people, and suits heads-down focus work, Zoom meetings, or a 1-on-1.
The Quad model can fit about 4 people and is great as a huddle space for small group meetings.
Finally, the Ultra can be used as a conference room for a larger meeting.

The booths can be ordered with the right furniture and AV setup depending on how you'd like them to be used.

Check out the specs here: Link

4. How soundproof are QUBIC Booths?

QUBIC booths have been lab-tested and can reduce noise levels up to 27dB with an SGS-certified NRC rating of 0.85. This means they can effectively absorb 85% of sound. The acoustic protection is ideal for open-plan offices where you can offer a quiet space amidst bustling workstation.

We can install additional acoustic panels without any changes to the exterior walls and structures upon special request.  


5. I'm worried about feeling stuffy inside these booths. Is there ventilation? How about air-conditioning? 

QUBIC Booths are equipped with a low-noise air ventilation system at the ceiling of the booth that facilitates air circulation at a rate of around 34 times within an hour, which offers plenty of fresh air for your focus laptop work or a lengthy conversation!  

QUBIC Booths are designed for indoor use and in an air-conditioned environment. Although the booth itself will not provide air-conditioning, the ventilation would constantly circulate with surrounding cooling air, so you should feel calm and fresh in the booth at all times.  

To optimize ventilation, we would recommend a minimum of 300mm additional headroom clearance for sufficient airflow.  


6. Do the QUBIC Smart Booths come with furniture? 

Although QUBIC Smart Booths come without furniture, we have prepared some furniture and AV options that specifically suit our QUBIC booth for your purchase. 

Of course, you are welcome to set up your furniture as you see best as well.  We can also recommend partners to you for your furnishing needs.

7. Where are is the company based? Do you ship to my country? 

We are based in Hong Kong, and we ship internationally.  


8. How do I place an order? 

Just send us an email via or fill out our Contact Form and our team will contact you as soon as possible to get you started, and give you an accurate quotation.  


9. How long would it take for me to receive my booth when I place an order? 

Generally, we have a lead time of 5 weeks to have the booth ready for delivery. We can provide you with a more specific timeline for shipment depending on your location and also the type of shipping you'd prefer. 


10. Can I set up a QUBIC Smart Booth by myself? 

We highly recommend letting our professional installation team handle the entire installation as the accuracy of fitting would ensure QUBIC booth functions and performs at its best, especially for sound insulation and noise cancellation.  


11. How long does it take to install a booth? How many people does it take? 

The simple assembly process usually takes 2-6 hours with a team of 2-4 people, depending on the size of the booth. There are no tools or screws needed making it a trouble- and mess-free installation. 

Rest assured, our installation team also makes sure all packaging materials are removed and properly disposed of when the installation is completed.  

12. What happens if the QUBIC Booth needs to be repaired? 

QUBIC booth comes with a 12-month warranty upon purchase for repair and replacement of defective parts, including electrical equipment.  

Let our Support team know via if you are experiencing any issue with the booth, our specialized team will be available to make sure you make the most out of our QUBIC booth.  

Have any other questions? Feel free to ask us via our Contact Form!

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