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March 30, 2023

Six alternative uses for your office pods

We've shown you what office pods are and their benefits as an affordable option to effortlessly create a microenvironment within an open office – perfect for implementing a quiet workstation or meeting room.

But why stop there?


We love thinking outside-the-box (pun intended), so we’ve come up with five alternative uses for an office pod for you to consider. Some of these can have a positive effect on work performance while others are just for fun so take your pick!

Nap pods

Nap lounge office
Source: Office Inspiration


Napping isn’t just for babies anymore. Studies have shown that an afternoon nap can be great for adults too. A quick 20-to-30-minute snooze has been shown to enhance am employee’s overall performance, increase alertness, and reduce stress. Given the physical toll of lethargy and stress, allowing your employees to nap during the workday can reduce sick days and improve employee satisfaction.


So rather than worry about your employees being switched on and working every second they’re in the office, why not create a relaxing space they can grab some shut-eye when they need it?

The pod can have a reclining chair or comfortable couch to rest on, soundproof walls, dim lighting and maybe even a relaxing scent like lavender to promote calm and relaxation.

Ball pit

Ball pit office
Source: Pinterest


This could get a little messy but who wouldn’t love to let their inner child out sometime during the workday?!

An emotional outlet

Children screaming
Source: Redbook, Popsugar, Kiddocare

Public displays of negative emotions like being angry or crying are still quite taboo in this modern day and age. It makes other people feel uncomfortable and is therefore deemed inappropriate in the workplace.

On the other hand, keeping your emotions pent up can be unhealthy in the long run, so wouldn’t it be cool if companies can create a space for employees to release any negative emotions in a safe and healthy way?


Introducing the rage pod (other name suggestions include the scream pod or cry pod) – a soundproof space where employees can go to let out their emotions without disrupting the rest of the office.

Or, you can invest in an office therapist.

Lunch pod


Office worker lunch
Source: Netdoctor


We all know the positive effect of employees taking a proper lunch break – namely increased employee happiness, higher productivity, better office hygiene. So, let's leave sad desk lunches in the past.

Even if you don’t have the office space for a dedicated break room, a lunch pod is a great alternative for getting your employees to step away from their desks during their lunch break.


Simply add a desk or two, some comfy seating and make sure the pod has good ventilation!

Breastfeeding pod

Lactation pod office
Source: Today Show

To all the mums out there, this one’s for you! Forget about pumping in the bathroom when you have a private pod complete with some jazz music and a calming lavender scent.

Online learning pod

Study pod
Source: Emory University

Perfect for holding a conference call, listening to a podcast or even preparing for your next important presentation. A soundproof pod is a wonderful alternative to providing a private space without having to build a separate room!


Would you consider a pod for your office?


QUBIC booths allow companies to easily convert under-utilized space into work booths and meeting pods equipped with the latest access control technology and customizable branding options, without any build-out.


If you’d like to know more about implementing a pod into your office, whether you want to use it for work or play, contact us for more information!

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