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Want to integrate sustainable principles and eco-friendly operations into your business? Check out Banyan Workspace

February 16, 2021

The BOOQED team has worked with some amazing coworking spaces over the years, so we wanted to share a bit more about what makes them so special!

Next up in our host feature series is Banyan Workspace, an independent boutique coworking space that combines an elevated design with a socially and environmentally forward business model.


For the majority of the world’s adult population, work is where they spend a significant chunk of their life, so why wouldn’t you want to spend it somewhere that promotes values in line with your own and inspires you to do your best work?


Banyan Workspace is one such place.

Hong Kong coworking space Banyan workspace


Launched in September 2019, in the midst of Hong Kong’s political protests and a couple of months before the start of the pandemic, Banyan Workspace’s inaugural year was certainly an interesting one. At a time when businesses were battening down the hatches and very few companies were able to even consider the short-term costs incurred by moving offices, Banyan was confident that its unique business model would resonate with people, and it did.


Banyan Workspace was conceived by a husband-and-wife team who were looking for a home for their new start-up business. They understood the practical appeal of working from a coworking office, but were unable to find a comfortable space that they felt shared their ethical values. So, they set out to create their own version of coworking: a luxurious yet ethical home-away-from-home office that would appeal to like-minded professionals.


Since its opening 18 months ago, Banyan Workspace has become highly regarded for its dedication to both environmental sustainability and giving back to the local community. Its mission to demonstrate the ease and importance of running a business with purpose-driven principles is discernible in the design. With that in mind, Banyan has implemented an extensive recycling system and partnered with local charities to make eco and social responsibility an effortless part of its member’s culture.


Hong Kong Coworking Space

The designer, Lo Eli from S.Lo Designs, envisioned a fusion of old industrial godown with a warm, professional and inviting layout and design, maximizing the spectacular sweeping sea views across the harbour towards East Kowloon. Desk numbers were deliberately limited to ensure generously proportioned workspaces, meeting rooms and break-out areas.


The sleek yet cozy interiors incorporate lots of natural light, an abundance of plants, locally and regionally sourced natural materials, energy conscious appliances and carefully chosen recycled accessories in an effort to reduce the workspace’s environmental impact, while retaining a luxurious and exclusive ambience.


Hong Kong coworking space


Their signature room is an Instagram dream – a beautiful double height library with leather-backed books and velvet drapes, created as a space for members to relax and entertain clients, and has turned into a desirable location for private events. It’s even hosted a small wedding!


It’s clear to see the hard work put in to create somewhere that members can look forward to arriving to each day, somewhere they feel represents who they are and where they are comfortable inviting their clients to. Tangibly, it offers a range of different areas, from the spacious and elegant break-out areas perfect for entertaining guests to hidden quiet zones for intense concentration, to suit the varying needs of their members. Emotionally, it is dedicated to a robust set of ethical principles that most companies would like to see themselves as aligned with.


But as with any business, Banyan Workspace, and its members, have seen their fair share of challenges over the past year. Reducing venue capacity, closing the space to visitors and non-members during each wave of government restrictions and postponing, workshops, classes and events has unsurprisingly had an impact on Banyan’s membership offering, while members and staff alike are worried for their own physical health and that of their family.

On the corporate level, many companies are tightening their belts financially, are more risk-averse, and in many cases are dealing with a fluctuating workforce. To help alleviate concerns and mitigate business continuity risks, Banyan Workspace has continued to implement rigorous cleaning protocols and social distancing measures and worked closely with its members to offer shorter-term memberships and flexible offices and desk space.

Hong Kong coworking Space Banyan Workspace


We don’t expect that to hold them back though! Banyan Workspace’s boutique nature and “family-run” feel, coupled with its elevated design and fit-out, makes Banyan Workspace truly unique as a flexible workspace in Hong Kong.


People are initially attracted to Banyan Workspace by its beautiful design, spacious desks and sumptuous break-out areas- it is a space that truly feels like home. But it is their day-to-day operations, their integrated Giving Back initiatives and passionate team of professionals that make the biggest difference.


As for their partnership with BOOQED – having business partners and working in partnership are two very different things, so when a true partnership comes along, it’s nothing short of magical.

Thanks to BOOQED’s in-depth knowledge of the office real estate market and experience in matching users with the right spaces, it is great to see how users are able to benefit from the relationship between Banyan and BOOQED – gaining detailed and up-to-date information about the workspace as well as an elevated experience of the coworking world.

BOOQED helps you find a workspace whose values align with yours

Experience all the personal comforts of a home office with all the practicalities needed for your business at Banyan Workspace, available on the BOOQED app (Android and iOS). But that’s not all.You can get50% off your first booking when you use the code HK50 during checkout!

Hong Kong coworking space Banyan Workspace