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work pods hong kong
March 30, 2023

Work pods from around the world

In today's mobile world, we're no longer tied to a physical location to run a business. Smart devices such as laptops and mobile phones have replaced the need to work from an office, but that doesn't mean you don't still need somewhere to charge your laptop when the battery runs low or make an important client call without a noisy background.

Cue: the work pod. They're the new tech trend taking over the world and for good reason. They're easy to set up, relatively inexpensive (compared to building an actual meeting room), and they don't take up much space.

Traditionally coming in the form of an office phone booth, work pods now come in all sizes and configurations. They provide users with a reprieve from noise in the busiest of surroundings so they can, as the name suggests, get some work done. These modular spaces can also be used as meeting pods and nap pods.

Want to see where you can find a work pod? Take a look at our selection of cool work pods in different verticals from all over the world.


Phone booth hotel
Source: Sheraton


The U.S.

 A few years ago, U.S.-based hotel operator Sheraton introduced The Sheraton Phone Booth to the majority of their hotel lobbies. The soundproof booths offer some privacy to allow guests a place for focused thinking or video calls with family, friends, or co-workers.

Although the small size of the soundproof pod means that it is unlikely to be used for long periods, the main goal is to attract elite members who aren't staying at the property to come to use the public space of the hotel - regardless of whether they live or work nearby, or whether they're visiting from another hotel down the road.


Work pod
Source: Zen Space


Workspace solutions provider, Zen Space , offers office meeting pods that seat up to six people in hotels, shopping malls and libraries all over the U.S. With prices starting from US $5 per session, it's a fairly affordable option for when you need a little privacy while on the go.

Airport work pod
Source: Jabbrbox


Although the airport isn't an ideal place to take an important phone call or concentrate on an important piece of work, we all know the feeling of needing that extra bit of quiet when the need arises. Jabbrrboxis a private, soundproof booth that offers a little "pod" sanctuary complete with flight-tracking abilities, adjustable lighting, and expansions like Bluetooth connectivity. It is currently installed in airports in New York, Chicago, Oakland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Arkansas, with more expected over the next few years.

Work pod Singapore workspace solution technology
Source: Switch



Switch is a fairly new office on-demand platform created by JustCo, a coworking company in Asia that aims to help individuals work from anywhere, anytime. Since late 2020, Switch Work Booths have been installed in shopping malls, recreation centers and residential clubhouses all over Singapore so users can work closer to home without having to be at home.

Work pods London technology workspace solution
Source: Informare


The U.K.

My Work Booth is a mobile office pod concept faring from London, England, with its pilot pod launched in a shopping mall in Birmingham. Its inventor, Neil Jenkins, explained "I was spending all my time between appointments in cafes, looking for the nearest power point and making professional calls was impossible with all the loud music and chatter. I saw a gap in the market for a rentable quiet space where you could get some proper work done."

The booths seat up to four, have charging plugs for mobile devices and are completely soundproof so users can hold small meetings, take work calls or focus on work even in a space as public as a shopping center!

Global workplace provider, Regus , launched its first Workpod at Gatwick Airport, London, in 2014. Starting from £12 per half hour, the Workpod is a private workspace tailor-made for business travellers looking for a quiet place to work whilst they wait for their flight.

Starbucks work booths
Source: Time Out


If there's one thing Japan is known for, it's the crazy work ethic! Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Starbucks Japan has launched smart lounges with private work pods so remote, flexible workers can come to their cafés for their much-needed coffee fix while they finish a project.

But that's not all, Japanese smart office pod company Telecube Service has opened an in-store work cubicle in 7-Eleven to address the skyrocketing trend of remote work in Japan. And just when we thought Japanese convenience stores couldn't get any more convenient!

Capsule hotel work pods technology
Source: SoraNews24


Even a capsule hotel, Gouka Capsule Hotel Anshino, in Tokyo has renovated its space to diversify its offering and capture a new demographic after struggling for months during the pandemic. And if you're a male customer, renting a work pod at Anshino also gives you access to their built-in onsen bathing facilities, sauna and regular sleeping capsules, and more.


Work pod Hong Kong technology workspace solution
Source: BOOQED


Hong Kong

And now, there a new player on the block! Hong Kong-based proptech start-up, BOOQED, launched its flexible workplace technology solution - the QUBIC work pod - earlier this year.

BOOQED's new scalable solution also utilizes software and access control to enable companies to manage access, collect usage data for these pods and any existing meeting rooms, providing companies with an innovative way to increase space utilization while avoiding additional construction costs for their space.

You can expect to see more QUBIC pods pop up in other locations across Hong Kong and Singapore throughout the rest of 2021!


So, what next?

Will we be seeing work pods in homes? On trains? On street corners? Most likely all of the above!


And if you’re interested in trying out a QUBIC work pod yourself, get in touch today. Our team will be happy to provide a quote or to share more information about any of the flexible workspace solutions that we have to offer.

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