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March 30, 2023

9 Best Part Time Jobs For Students To Make Extra Cash

One particular thing that every student wants is money. While most of them still have some education duty to do, there are numerous part time jobs for students available. It is one of the great ways to gain experience, extra income, or a new skill.

Part Time Jobs That Students Should Consider

Understanding various types of jobs while continuing studies is not easy, but here is what you can try.

1. Bartender Or Server

This business is probably the most common yet very welcoming part-time jobs. In many countries, servers or also known as waiters or waitresses don't need a lot of requirements. Along with it, the job is also popular due to the flexible schedules. Most of the time, students can do the work on the weekends or weeknights, which is the time college or high school break.

Another reason why this job is particularly common and popular is the high chance of tips and extra money. You should underline that the hourly wage is not high or the best, but when your restaurant or bar has big names, then you might get some tips. It is especially true when servers or bartenders work at the weekend which is potentially busier than other days.

2. Teacher Assistant

Whether you are a high school or college student, this opportunity is always open. In this case, professors or teachers tend to hire TAs or teacher assistants to assist their work. The job desk itself is varying, but most of them are helping students, tutoring, updating paperwork, even helping to check other students' grades.

The main idea about this job is to help your teacher. That is why you need to have years of experience in the school, have organization skills, and know about the course object. Most of the time, students who are the golden person will get this job. Nevertheless, this job is perfect since you can learn and get close to your teacher.

part time jobs for students as a teacher or tutor

3. Tutor

Most of the time the job as a tutor is perfect for you who love to teach others. Along with it, you should have an interest in a certain subject. For instance, mathematics. If you are good at it and willing to share your knowledge, then be a tutor. The part time jobs for students are very vast, which means you can teach everyone and everywhere.

Let's say you are tutoring elementary students at their house, or you can choose a higher level such as high school or even college. In case you are looking for a place to do your tutor and find the appropriate room, you can rent a co-working space. You can book it Through the BOOQED app and get a co-working space or any meeting space to study and teach.

4. Uber Driver

With the high demand for transportation, Uber driver is one of the most popular jobs in this modern day. The rideshare job is perfect for college students who have a dependable car, a smartphone, and 21 years old or older. You can register in the company and join the job. What makes it recommended is the fact that you can turn on and off the job.

It makes this particular job more flexible. You can turn it on when you don't have any class, on your holiday, on your weekends, or even between your classes. For the part time jobs for students in Singapore, you should consider that the high demand hours are around early morning, weekend, and evenings.

5. Nanny

If you are good at dealing with children's antics, you should consider being a nanny. This particular job is very open for college or merely high school students. Many busy parents are looking for assistance to tend and take care of their children. In many cases, this job is open when the children are very young or just a toddler.

The job as a nanny is not something hard to do, but you should be a responsible person. You can say that the work is typically about preparing some meals, food, putting the children to sleep, entertaining, picking them up from school, etc. depending on the employee, this job has flexible hours and some leeways to do your homework.

6. Translator

When you study in a multicultural, Multi Language, or foreign country, then you might know more than one language. For example, if you are studying in Hong Kong, then the best part time jobs in Hong Kong for students is to become a translator. You are required to have some additional skills, including work on a document, speaking skills, and fluency in a certain language.

part time jobs for students as a freelancer

7. Freelancer

Freelancer's work is very expansive and vast. When it comes to freelancers, you can be anything from writer, designer, assistant, etc. Most of the time, you will work in the creative industry that provides great compensation, a bigger market, and flexible times. You can choose the job based on your hobby or expertise so you can gain skills and money.

8. Library Assistant

This job is not very common, but at least it can keep you being busy and gain some cash. The duties are mainly about taking care of the library. You will have to help people find some particular books, organize books, become the library keeper, and make sure everything is operating as it should be. You can either work on the campus or public library.

9. Tour Guide

In international colleges in Singapore, one of the best part time jobs for students in Singapore is a tour guide. You have to guide guests, students, or professors around your university campus. You should be great at speaking, friendly, and know a lot about your campus so you can answer a variety of questions.

Those are some of the part time jobs that allow you to gain some extra cash for yourself. While it might be hard to do while continuing your studies, doing the job is one way to gain more life experiences. You can do the job that matches your studies, or you can choose based on your hobby. All in all, everything around you is a potential source of income.

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