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March 30, 2023

Reasons to Use a Meeting Room Booking Service While Preparing A Meeting Room

It sounds simple, but the quality of a meeting room in an office determines its productivity. The more comfortable a meeting room, the more productive the employees. The facilities in the meeting room can support the employees to share their ideas. On the other hand, preparing a good quality meeting room takes time and money. That’s why some companies decide to use a meeting room booking service. Companies only have to choose a meeting room that is suitable for them.

The Reason to Use Meeting Room Booking Service

Now, let’s take a look at the things a company should prepare to prepare a comfortable and good quality of a meeting room. You will also get a better understanding of why some people often rent a meeting room instead of building it.

Size Matters

Companies should consider the capacity of the meeting room. You should calculate first the number of employees who will use the room simultaneously. Then, you can start to think about the best size of the meeting room. The idea is to facilitate employees with a comfortable room where they can sit conveniently and move freely. They can even breathe comfortably and feel the fresh air during a meeting. One of the reasons why some companies can’t produce great ideas, even if they have a meeting room is probably because they don’t consider the size of the meeting room and its capacity. That’s why a meeting room booking service includes information about the capacity of the room. The service owners want to make sure that you rent the best meeting room based on the number of people who will use it. Don’t forget to measure also the size of the furniture you want to use in the meeting room.

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Support the Meeting Room with Quality Furniture

After deciding the right size, you can continue the process by deciding the type of furniture for the meeting room. Indeed, you should consider its comfort. You may invest in ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic chairs are not only comfortable, but also keeping the health of anyone who sits there. As a result, your employees can spend more time in the meeting room to brainstorm ideas without neck pain, back pain, headache, and other health problems. Just be selective in the furniture materials. You also have to see the model of the furniture besides its comfort. It will be great if your employee discusses their jobs in a stylish and attractive meeting room. You may check the list of the meeting rooms when you use a meeting room booking service. Most of the rooms are not only comfortable, but also attractive and stylish.

Invest in High-Definition Audio and Video Systems

The next thing you should consider while building a comfortable meeting room is the quality of the audio and video systems. Just imagine that you are investing in technology, so it is better to install high-quality audio and video systems in the meeting room. This simple thing can support the presentation well. The better the audio and visual technology in the meeting room, the more maximal the meeting result. The idea is to give your employees the best meeting experience. Let say, in COVID-19 conditions, you can install a video conference system where you can use live streaming or conference call tool. Meeting room booking services should also consider this facility due to the current epidemic conditions.

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Use Colors that Represent the Company’s Brand

You can’t only use colors in the logo, but also the office. It is even a great idea to increase brand awareness to anyone who comes to your company. Use the colors of your brand as the company’s signature colors. You can apply those colors to the meeting room. Black and white maybe a little bit boring and monotonous for you, so you can apply the colors of your brand or logo. The great thing is that your employees will have more working spirit anytime they enter the meeting room and enjoy the colors. You can even apply this trick if you rent a room from a meeting room booking service. Nowadays, working space services offer meeting rooms with unique and out of the box concept, including applying bright and bold colors.

Manage the Air and Light Circulation

Another important thing that makes a meeting room feel comfortable is the air and light circulation. The air and light circulation determine the atmosphere of the meeting room. Just compare employees who work in a moist, darker, and too hot or cold meeting room and those who work in a brighter, warm, and clean meeting room. Indeed, employees who work in a brighter, warm, and clean meeting room along with good air circulation will be more productive. So, don’t forget to check this element when you are about to rent a meeting room in a meeting room booking service.

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Indeed, building a comfortable meeting room needs extra money and time. You can start to think about it now. On the other hand, you can find a reputable meeting room booking service first while preparing the meeting room. BOOQED is one of the leading companies in meeting room booking services. You can choose a wide variety of meeting rooms just like what you need. Just visit the official site or download the BOOQED meeting room booking service.

The app helps you to find the meeting room near your business area, especially across Hong Kong and Singapore. It doesn’t matter if you only want to start a meeting with a small group. The meeting room booking service is ready with a small meeting room for 6 people or a big space for more than 6 employees. The cost is also reasonable enough with the facilities and services you will get.

You can rent the meeting room per day, hour, or even month. You only have to understand the type of meeting room you need. Soon, you can start the meeting with your group anytime and run the projects immediately without waiting too long. You don’t have to postpone or cancel the meeting only because you don’t have a comfortable meeting room because a trusted meeting room booking service such as BOOQED can help you.

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