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March 30, 2023

Why Rent Temporary Office Space, and Tips for Choosing One

Along with the advancement of technology, the number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads, startups, etc. is starting to increase. Whether it is a small or larger business, a lot of them are opening their minds to temporary office space. Looking at several benefits, types, and how easy it is to rent temporary office space, you might want to explore it too. In this article, you can find a deeper insight into what this type of rental space is.

What Is a Temporary Office Room or Space?

Many people might never have heard of this concept before. A temporary office space is a rental that offers shorter period leases. In this case, normally the standard lease contract will be more than a year in length. However, this type of rental will give a shorter period lease which is less than a year. With this idea, a lot of new business founders won't need to worry about the long contract which leads to higher prices.

Rather than renting the whole building or floor for your office, this type of rental is also available for those who are looking for smaller spaces. For example, you can rent rooms or desks by the hour or the day you need them. There is also a possibility to rent temporary office space such as co-working rooms, meeting rooms, private meeting rooms, etc. All are available and will be useful for both teams or individuals needing access to workspaces.

The Benefits Of Using a Temporary Office Room Rental

Most people are attracted to the promise of lower-priced rental. It's obvious why - the monthly basis contract is a good deal for a startup company or small business.
Not only is it a good deal for the contract, but you can also get all the amenities included. The best office spaces will provide complete furniture, infrastructure, etc. From Wi-Fi, AC, storage, to heating, all is taken care of.

Other than that, flexibility and comfort are some of the things you should consider. Here, you can get the rental contract for just a few weeks. In case your project is taking more time or you get another job, you can always prolong the contract. At the same time, when you decide to rent temporary office space you can get as much comfort as you need. This part is really important since it is necessary for both your employees or your customers.
Presenting a professional image is also essential to building your business. In some cases, renting buildings might have ended with a poorly designed office. In this case, a temporary office will come with a professional look right from the start. All the equipment, room design, amenities, furniture, and decor have been settled. You can find one that fits with your work style or your taste. This type of rental also gives you a possibility to branching out and connecting with a bigger network.

Should You Use This Type of Temporary Space?

Alright, there are lots of benefits you can get from this type of rental room, but do you need them? This leads to your working needs. On the other hand, you or other people may think that rent temporary office space is not important. When faced with this kind of dilemma, you have to think about your reasons. Normally, the basic reason why you need this is because you have nowhere to work and your business or job is in-between lease terms.

At the same time, there are other reasons for this type of temporary office. It will be a perfect option for a new entrepreneur, for those who keep working while away, or for the business that needs a bigger place to house all of the employees. If you are a seasonal or project-based worker, if you travel abroad and need a place to work, or if you need to meet or hold conferences with clients, then you can use a temporary office.

The Types Of Rental Office Space You Can Find

You can find lots of office rentals in Asia, many of which are temporary office spaces. The most common temporary office spaces are co-working spaces which allow you to work alongside other people in an open communal office. Here you can rent single to multiple desks according to your or your team's needs. You can rent them as hot desks (on a drop-in basis) or dedicated desks.

There is also a temporary office space option known as shared office space, that you can rent based on your circumstances. Shared office space is available when you are going to rent a desk or spaces in someone else's office. The owner will share the amenities, furniture, and equipment with you. Other than that, there are also sublet office space options where you can rent a space without the need for taking the cost and responsibility of the lease. If you are looking for a non-formal looking office, there are also some locations such as coffee shops, venues, and personal meeting rooms you can choose from.

How To Rent a Temporary Office Space?

At this point, you might be wondering how you can rent a temporary office space. With the internet, you can search by location, complete the payment, and even confirm a contract. There are some mobile applications or websites that enable you to rent office space.

One of these services is the mobile app BOOQED - available in Hong Kong and Singapore. The BOOQED app provides information about the place, location, cost, appearances, and amenities for temporary office spaces like hot desks. You can find and rent office spaces around your location as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

That's it - some basic information you need to know about renting temporary office space. It offers a shorter office lease with lots of options to choose from. This type of rental is very suitable for the modern digitally-enabled worker. People such as remote workers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers will find this rental very helpful. At the same time, you can find lots of spaces just by using the application. Thus, people won't have a hard time looking for and getting quality work space.

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